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Nadel Ärmel der Tattoo Maschine Permanent Make-up liefern


Modell: AM-8


Technische Daten Nadelhülsen für Permanent Makeup Sunshine Pen

Nadel Ärmel der Tattoo Maschine Permanent Make-up liefern

Für Einzelgebrauch, Kunststoffprodukte

Gesundheit und Sicherheit

The Sunshine
  has been a favorite, and used by technicians for the last several years with the same consistency and reliable results. The RPM is slower than our other machines, therefore, a bit quieter. Because it is basic in nature, it is easy to assemble and priced affordably as a good practice machine for new technicians, or as a backup machine for more experienced technicians
  Parts from the motor assembly down are disposable, and include both a middle casing and front casing. This machine also features a filter sponge that the other machines don’t have, which helps prevent overflow and splatter. Many of our clients in other countries still prefer it as their primary tool, rather than as a backup
  The reduced speed also allows for better control at a slower, but steady pace, until technicians feel more comfortable with a faster machine.

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